Technical Facilities

A complete production and broadcasting set-up is installed at Doordarshan Kendra, Panaji for the purpose of delivering the Public Broadcasting Services. Production setup consists of Production Studio and Post Production facilities. Transmission and Broadcasting facilities are achieved with two terrestrial television transmitters and two satellite up-linking set-up.

Terrestrial TV  Transmitters:

Doordarshan Kendra, Panaji is facilitated with two terrestrial transmitters to cater the services of TV terrestrial transmission over the Goa region.  The 1st Transmitter Broadcasts DD National, DD Sahyadri and local transmission in the terrestrial mode as per the time schedule given to this Kendra. This transmitter radiates peak power of 10 KW in VHF band, Channel # 7 which transmits signal upto a radial distance of 80 Kms in primary zone. This transmitter operate between 05:30 hrs and 00:30 hrs daily.

Second Transmitter takes care of terrestrial transmitter for Doordarshan News services. This Transmitter is operational in VHF band – channel #5 and radiates peak power of 1 KW. It is operational from 06:00 hrs to 01:00 hrs daily.



DDK Panaji is facilitated with a complete production studio which has 4 studio cameras and complete lighting facilities.  The size of the studio is 150 sq.mtrs. All the equipments installed in the studio are digital.  The final content is recorded in  DVC Pro 50 and professional disc recorder(pdr) format.  Phone-in facility is also a part of the studio setup  which is utilized during the Live-phone-in programme of local transmission.

Post Production:


This Kendra has 4 Non-linear Editing systems and 1 Linear Editing system for the post production of audio / visual contents.  The Post-production need  of  programme and news content is taken care with these three Post-production facilities.

Earth Station:


The Earth Station is used for sending the Audio / Video Signals through satellite over the Indian sub-continent.  The Earth Station operates in  ‘C’ band and used primarily for sending feed to Delhi and Mumbai.  A 7.5 mtr PDA is used for up-linking to satellite.


Field Coverage Unit  consists of four DVC pro-25 Cameras, two DVC Pro-50 cameras and mini DV cameras. These units  are used to cover the outside events for the programme and news requirements.  Portable lighting kits are provided along with the setup.

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